Engineering Acceptance

All products from SAMMI and BOXY are engineered and certified to meet the stringent engineering standards and regulations of Canada and North America, ensuring compliance and excellence in performance. 

Design Bases

Engineering Analysis

F.E Analysis 

Coupled Analysis

Stress Distribution Analysis

Safety Inspections

Fire Safety Test (API607)

Sulfides Stress Corrosion Cracking (SSCC TEST)

Pressure Test (API 598)

Weld Built Up (ASME Sec. IX)

Surface Roughness Inspection (ASME Sec. V)

PMI (ASME Sec. Ⅱ Part A,B,C)


Bend Test (ASTM E190)

Tensile Strength Test

Dry Film Thickness Inspection (ISO 19840)

Holiday Detection (NACE RP0188)

Cryogenic Test

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