Product Line

SAMMI Product Line

Sliding Type

The sliding type line blind, developed by SAMMI, incorporates an innovative gear set mechanism. This design facilitates the insertion or removal of a blind plate without the need for stretching the pipe joints, thereby streamlining the blinding process. It ensures both safety and time efficiency. Featuring a robust and straightforward design, SAMMI's line blinds are engineered for exceptional reliability and longevity, utilizing cutting-edge technology.

Swing Type

The swing type line blind, widely recognized for its efficiency and popularity, enables operators to isolate a pipeline swiftly and safely. SAMMI's distinctive design features a non-stretching operation, effectively eliminating the risk of pipe joint stress associated with stretching movements. This innovation underscores SAMMI's commitment to providing solutions that enhance operational safety and efficiency without compromising the integrity of the pipeline system.

Compact Type

The compact type line blind is ingeniously crafted to replace existing valves in scenarios characterized by limited face-to-face (F-F) distances, installations within confined spaces, or on large diameter pipelines. SAMMI's compact design not only significantly reduces weight but also obviates the necessity for additional pipe supports. This design innovation streamlines installation and maintenance processes, offering an optimal solution for challenging engineering environments

Non-Spill Type

The non-spill type line blind is especially advantageous for use in oil terminals and offshore applications, where installation space is limited and the prevention of environmental pollution is important. SAMMI's Non-spill line blind design not only prevents ground pollution but also supports installation parallel to the pipeline. This approach addresses critical environmental safety concerns while accommodating the spatial constraints inherent in these applications.

Jack Bolt Type

The Jack Bolt type line blind has a long-standing history of application across a wide spectrum of pressure pipelines, prized for its cost-effectiveness. This type of line blind necessitates manual intervention for the adjustment of the blind plate's position, requiring operators to unbolt it by hand. Despite its simplicity, it offers a versatile and economical solution for managing pipeline flow in various industrial settings.

Goggle Valve

SAMMI's Goggle valve introduces an advanced opening/closing mechanism tailored for isolating large diameter pipelines, high temperature, and toxic gas environments. It ensures efficient and safe maintenance and inspection processes, embodying SAMMI's commitment to innovative and reliable industrial solutions.

Automated Line Blind

SAMMI offers advanced automated blinding systems powered by AOV, MOV, or oil hydraulic sources, enabling remote control of the blinding process to enhance operational safety. These automated line blinds are ideally suited for environments requiring frequent on-off cycles and/or the handling of critical fluids, providing a reliable and efficient solution for complex industrial applications.

EX Type

The EX type Line Blind, designed by SAMMI, guarantees complete pipe isolation under severe service conditions, including extreme temperatures, cryogenic environments, and pipelines containing particulate matter or used in polymer production. Its stretching mechanism allows for swift and efficient switching of blind plate positions, ensuring quick adaptation to operational needs.

BOXY Product Line

DBX Type

The DBX type Blind Valve is highly advantageous for oil terminal and offshore applications, where installation space is constrained and marine pollution prevention is critical. Its fully enclosed body and compact design not only prevent ground pollution but also facilitate parallel pipeline installation, making it an ideal solution for environmentally sensitive and space-limited settings.

SBX Type

The SBX type Blind Valve offers significant benefits for pipelines carrying gaseous fluids or critical substances, such as acids, flammable, toxic, or carcinogenic media. Its fully enclosed body and compact design not only safeguard against ground pollution but also enable parallel pipeline installation, providing a secure and efficient solution for handling hazardous materials.

EX Type

The EX Type Blind Valve ensures complete isolation in extreme conditions, handling high temperatures, pressures, and cryogenic applications. By removing the internal gasket to reduce contact surfaces, and employing a unique spreading mechanism, it allows quick switching of the blind plate position, optimizing performance in severe service environments.

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